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Ripple / Swift: Ripple is in fact, Taking Over Swift

In a move that could prove insightful for the blending scene of blockchain and the banking industry, the CEO of Ripple has declared war against Ripple’s contender SWIFT.

On November 13 2018, Ripple Labs Inc. Chief Brad Garlinghouse disclosed to Bloomberg TV that his blockchain based organization can pick up clients at a quick rate with respect to the market on the grounds that Banking/Financial firms are searching for quicker, more present-day innovation than what is as of now offered by the Fintech organization SWIFT.

Ripple vs Swift

Ripple, the new company that started a few years ago and also behind the second largest digital currency by market capitalization, XRP, has been one of the major disrupting crypto firms to enter the space of Financial/ Banking related innovations. By concentrating on payment services and cross-border money exchange, Ripple has figured out how to position itself as an well focussed blockchain firm that can possibly affect what has turned into a stale banking scene.

At present, the main opposition to Ripple with respect to expanding their access to cross-border financial firms has been the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). Generally, SWIFT has controlled the majority of cross-border payments by offering a protected and dependable platform for banks and clients to send cash globally.

Be that as it may, the restrictions for the Fintech dinosaur are mounting especially with the development of cryptocurrency. Ripple is able to considerably reduce “transfer time” to below 5secs and “transfer fees” to less than a penny compared to 3-5 working days for transfers and huge fees offered by SWIFT.

Ripple partnerships

As of now, Ripple has partnered with two of the biggest cash moving firms on the planet – Moneygram and Western Union for pilot projects to test the crypto-based innovation in sending cash to another country.

While banks may keep on looking to SWIFT for their cross-border exchanges, Ripple CEO Garlinghouse believes his organization offers a significantly preferred solution that will turn out to be increasingly evident after some time as digital money and blockchain grow mainstream.

Ripple is in fact, Taking Over Swift

As of now, Mexico based Cuallix has shown tremendous cost-savings and enhanced proficiency from working with Ripple and the XRP currency for cross-border payments with the United States, an early-adopter endorsement that could help in attracting more customers in the near future.

As opposed to SWIFT and current strategies for sending money universally that require several bank insurance to guarantee the security of assets, Ripple depends upon blockchain innovation which removes the vast majority of the expensive intermidiaries.

Nonetheless, even as the organization spreads in developing countries, for example, Brazil and India which are searching for cheap and fast means of transferring money, SWIFT remains a goliath of a contender, with the organization reporting – 11,000 customer base and operations in more than 200 countries.

Notwithstanding the stronghold, his opposition has over the present market of cross-border payments, Garlinghouse stays hopeful that his organization’s technology will win over the long run. He also stated that SWIFT and other current iterations are old and outdated.

The innovations that banks use today that Swift created decades ago truly hasn’t advanced or improved with the market… Swift said in the relatively recent past they didn’t see blockchain as an answer for correspondent banking.

Ripple”s CEO further explained,

We have well more than 100 of their clients saying they oppose this idea. What we’re doing and executing on a daily basis, is in fact, taking over Swift.

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